VITASOLAR OEM Cooperation Process

9月 13, 2023
  1. Produce samples according to customer’s product positioning and requirements.
  2. Assist customers to deliver products for inspection.
  3. Provide value-added services for customers to choose.
  4. We also provide technical support to each customer.

OEM Cooperation Process

  1. If the customer has OEM needs, consult VITASOLAR for details.
  2. VITASOLAR will invite the customer to visit the factory.
  3. VITASOLAR will communicate with the customer about the market and technical requirements of the product.
  4. VITASOLAR will provide some samples according to customer’s request.
  5. After the sample is confirmed, VITASOLAR will improve the sample according to the customer’s feedback in order to reach an agreement.
  6. The customer confirms the OEM program and signs the contract with VITASOLAR.
  7. The customer pays 50% of the processing fee in advance according to the contract.
  8. The OEM service between the customer and VITASOLAR is formalized. A customer file is established for further cooperation.

We can help customers research, develop, produce and process branded products.

Customers don’t need to bear the investment risk of building factories, R&D centers and production plants.