Hangzhou Someone I&E Co., Ltd (VitaSolar) is committed to the development and application of LED integrated solar street lights, which have successfully passed the tests of GS, CE City Technical Supervision Bureau and other departments. Solar street light products have been exported to Europe and the United States and other places, with very high brand awareness and good reputation.

The company’s independent research and development of intelligent charge and discharge controller control, cloudy and rainy day intelligent control, no need to lay cables, no need for AC power supply, used to replace the traditional utility lighting street lamps. It can be widely used in new rural road construction, urban main and secondary roads, community activities, tourist attractions, car parks and other places.

We are very focused on quality and use suppliers of quality technology electric vehicles such as Ningde Times (Tesla) for our batteries. We believe this is a perfect combination.

We are not just a trading company, we are the sales and trading arm of our parent company, operating as an independent company based on the commercial requirements of our investors. Therefore, our advantages are more detailed, our function is more than a mere factory, we are more adept at exploring and satisfying customers’ needs.

Finding us shows that there is fate, and we look forward to co-operation!