VitaSolar SUL – Series [4-eyes 5-eyes 6-eyes]

8月 25, 2023
  1. Product Description

Integrated LED solar street light uses solar energy as a power source to provide night lighting. Integrated design, integrated light source, high-capacity lithium battery and automatic controller integration, has the advantages of high brightness, environmental protection, easy installation, long life and so on.

The product uses solar energy converted to electricity, charging the battery during the day and discharging it at night to make it work. It is widely used in city roads, industrial parks, scenic spots, parks, squares and other places.

  1. Characteristics

The integrated solar street light is powered by solar energy to save electricity and protect the earth’s resources.

  1. Working Mode

Light control mode: when the solar panel charges the battery, the street light does not work during the day. Lighting at 100% brightness at night.

  1. Product Features

(1) Solar panel

(2) Screw fasteners

(3) Lamp bracket

(4) led lamp

(5) Battery bracket

  1. Installation process

(1) Choose the best lighting place. The lamp pole should use iron or steel pole with height of 4-10M, diameter of 50-80mm and wall thickness of more than 2.0mm.

(2) Please check whether the parts are complete.

(3) Put the lamp into the pole and tighten the anti-theft screws with tools to ensure the stability of the lamp.