Integrated solar street light installation precautions

Integrated solar street light installation process:

(1) Choose the best lighting place. The light pole should use iron or steel pole with a height of 4-10M, a diameter of 50-80mm and a wall thickness of more than 2.0mm.

(2) Please check whether the parts are complete.

(3) Put the lamps into the pole and tighten the anti-theft screws with tools to ensure the stability of the lamps.

Integrated solar street light installation precautions

1, the installation of solar street lights should choose to carry out on a sunny day, because rainy days after the installation can not be quickly charged to the night and discharged, affecting the use of the effect.

2, in order to improve the use of battery time and the number of times of charging and discharging, the first day after installation should not be lit.

3, the angle of the battery plate must be adjusted to the most suitable place, generally the recommended 45 degree angle. If it is not adjusted, it will affect the charging performance of the battery and reduce the lighting time, and it will also affect the sensing performance, resulting in inaccurate automatic light on time.

4, the installation location needs to avoid the shadow of houses, trees and other obstacles, which will reduce the power generation efficiency of the solar panel, resulting in its working time being shortened

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