Comparison of integrated solar street light and split solar street light

Solar street light consists of five parts: pole, panel, battery, controller, LED lamps and lanterns. The five parts of split solar street light are scattered and have to be assembled one by one during installation. But the integrated solar street light will be in addition to the pole components are concentrated into one, made of a light head, this light head is an independent intelligent system, do not need to carry out complex assembly, configure the pole and the light arm can be used. What are the advantages of integrated solar street light?      
  1, easy to install: integrated solar street light installation can be summed up as “foolproof installation”, as long as the screws will be installed, eliminating the need to install the traditional split solar street light panel bracket, installation of the lamp head, the production of battery pits and other steps, greatly saving labour costs and construction costs.
  2, performance upgrades: integrated solar street light compact structure, compact, in order to reflect the advantages of its design and performance have been upgraded, such as batteries, the use of high-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries, high-conversion monocrystalline silicon battery cells, whether it is the appearance of waterproofing and the connection between the components have made enough effort.      
  3, novel and beautiful: integrated solar street lights integrated solar panels and light sources, some even integrate the pole together, modelling variety, novel and beautiful.
  To sum up, the integrated solar street light has the advantages over the split solar street light, but also has disadvantages, the use of integrated or split, depending on the location of the installation, the environment and the owner’s requirements.

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