All In One Solar Street Light Company

All In One Solar Street Light — First Time In Nigeria With 24 Months Warranty

The new All In One Solar Street Light from Vitasolar Energy Ltd comprises of a solar panel, LED light source, and battery integrated into a compact, reliable, and easy-to-install solar street lighting system. This solar-powered street light is cost-effective. It saves you the extra cost that comes with using traditional street lights that’ll require external power sources and generators to work.

Solar Integrated Street Lights Are Perfect For Use In Lighting Projects In Areas Including:
Quality and Cost Effective Outdoor Lighting System
Parking lots
Street lights
Company premises
Bus stop/terminals
Private house lighting
And other outdoor locations
Every unit of the solar LED street light is easy to install and can be mounted on a wall or pole.
With a charge time of 6 hours, the solar street light provides reliable 12 hours of lighting time.
And it comes with an Intelligent Motion Sensor that smartly conserves power by increasing the brightness of the street light when cars approach and dim the light when the cars leave.

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