Solar Street Light Company in Nigeria (vitasolar)

As a wholesaler of renewable energy products and systems in Nigeria, we also do customised system design for solar energy applications. We supply inverters, solar cells and solar panels to individuals, businesses and government organisations in Nigeria and the West African sub-region.

The Solar Street Light is a stand-alone solar energy system consisting of a pole, battery pack, photovoltaic module, LED or CFL fixture and controller. The use of solar energy in combination with energy efficient lighting/luminaires makes the system more environmentally friendly. Its configuration can be customised according to the required power and brightness and can be designed to operate from dusk to dawn depending on the number of days of autonomous operation required. There are two types of solar street lights: integrated solar street lights (integrated solar street lights) and non-integrated solar street lights.

Solar streetlights allow local and state governments to significantly reduce their electricity bills and lower the cost of long distance wiring for new streetlights.

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  1. Nigeria has an amazing potential in use of solar energy – with an average of five to seven hours of daily sunlight, energy can be stored in batteries for more than two days of autonomy when looking in terms of the application to street lighting. Should the power source of streetlights become solar, one large byproduct is that more of much needed energy from the grid can be redirected to households in need, with the (currently used) small unit generators likely becoming obsolete.

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